Family Above All


For those who value family above all else, family disputes can be difficult to resolve without legal assistance. While no two families are alike, nor are the issues they face, which is why Cillis Law provides personalized legal strategy to assist families throughout Poughkeepsie, New York and the Hudson Valley. We have the experience you want and the compassion you need to guide you and your family through the Family Court process.

Child Custody

At Cillis Law, we understand the importance that both parents play in the lives of their children. One of our greatest goals is to ensure proper legal advice for parents to protect the relationship with their children. Child Custody Cases and the entire Family Court process can be a daunting and unrelenting process, leaving parents confused and unsure what to do next. With both parents practically competing against one another for their children, these cases often create unbridgeable rifts between parents and can damage the parent-child relationship.

Child Support

Every parent in New York wants their child to have the best support and opportunities in life. Whether you are a single parent, thinking of separating from your spouse or recently divorced, let Cillis Law help you ensure the needs of your children are met and their futures protected.
If you have been ordered to pay child support, but find yourself falling further and further in arrears, let us help to determine if you are entitled to a downward modification.

Family Offense Proceedings

In New York, a family offense is any criminal act conducted by one family member against another family member, who then files a Family Offense Petition. Although these proceedings are not criminal in nature, a criminal violation is named in the Family Offense Petition. These types of cases can have a significant impact on Child Custody Proceedings and often result in the insurance of an Order of Protection.
If a Family Offense has been committed against you or you find yourself as the victim domestic violence in Poughkeepsie, New York, you need to act swiftly to protect yourself and your family. Cillis Law will help you get the protection you and your family need.

If you have been accused of a Family Offense in the Hudson Valley, there could be a number of severe penalties awaiting if you do nothing to defend yourself. Violations of Family Court Orders of Protection can also result in criminal proceedings.


During divorce and custody proceedings, visitation and parenting time are often based upon current circumstances and the current locations of each parent. But life changes fast and if an opportunity may arise requiring you and your family to relocate. Whether you plan to move across town or across the county, you may need court approval. Relocation in New York is a very unique area of the law that requires careful preparation and precise representation.

The courts will look at many factors when deciding whether to approve a Relocation, including but not limited to:

  • The current custody and visitation arrangement
  • Impact the proposed relocation will have on the custody and visitation arrangement
  • Financial responsibility of costs
  • Effect on current child support payments
  • The child’s wishes
  • Reasons for the relocation and reasons for any oppositions

Grandparent Visitation

One of life's greatest joys and most memorable experiences come from the unique relationship grandparents have with their grandchildren. This extremely sacred bond is often overlooked during divorce proceedings but can have a profound emotional impact on both grandparents and grandchildren. New York recognizes the importance of these relationships and Cillis Law can help if your relationship with your grandchildren has been affected or if you have been forbidden to see your grandchildren because of a change in the parents' relationship.


Adopting a child is a wonderful decision that gives children an opportunity to grow and develop in a loving environment where they can be supported and cherished. However unselfish that decision may be, the process to adopt a child can be very difficult and complex. If you and your family are considering expanding your family through adoption, Cillis Law can provide the help and guidance you need. help guide you. We are here to ensure you understand your rights and your responsibility as you go through the intensive process.

If you find yourself facing a any family law issue throughout the Hudson Valley, call Cillis Law today at (845) 554-7171 to schedule a free, confidential consultation and protect what matters most.